Foamgen: generate foam morphology

Foamgen is a package that can be used to create spatially three-dimensional virtual representations of foam morphology with desired foam density, cell size distribution and strut content.

Here are some features of Foamgen:

  • Generation of closed-cell and open-cell morphology

  • Input parameters are based on physical aspects that can be experimentally determined

  • Cells are created using weighted tessellation so that desired size distribution is achieved

  • Mesh generated foam either using structured equidistant grid or unstructured tetrahedral mesh

  • Modular - easy to run only parts of the generation process

  • Open-source package with MIT license

Structured mesh workflow consists of several steps (for more details see [Fer18]):

  1. Dense sphere packing

  2. Laguerre tessellation

  3. Geometric morphology creation

  4. Meshing